Christmas Poems about Candy

Peanut butter cups, chocolate bars, licorice and more,
with all our Christmas candy, the holiday will never be a bore.
Be careful with how many goodies you take from that lovely plate.
If you aren’t, your Christmas might be a big old stomachache!

When we wake up on Christmas morning, to our stockings we shall go
only a few short hours after Santa has said “Ho, ho, ho!”
Taking them off the walls or fireplace might require us to be a bit handy,
and we can only hope these stockings are filled to the brim with candy!

At the Christmas dinner table, I begin to lightly snore.
The same old ham and mashed potatoes have quickly become a bore.
However, at the end of the meal, I know that I have something coming that’s great.
Soon, I will find a pile of delicious candy covering my dessert plate!

All throughout the year, we scour the office looking for a treat.
Truly, at the end of the day, we are really tired and quite beat.
However, when those first signs of Christmas start to fill the air,
we know we can walk into the snack room, and tons of candy will be right there!

Christmas candy is certainly one of my favorite gifts.
It can mend the heart and people get over their little rifts.
Still though, if Christmas candy does not arrive on time,
you can be certain that I will think of the situation as a true crime.

When I fill up with lots of Christmas candy in my tummy,
you can bet that I think it is all very yummy.
However, as the day goes on, and I start to feel the weight,
I won’t be happy with all of those chocolate pieces that I ate!

So many different parts make up the Christmas season,
Gifts, trees, tinsel and people who are searching for a reason.
Still though, one other element needs to be around to really make the Christmas holiday quite great,
and that is lots of delicious candy on my dessert plate!

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