Christmas Poems about Dad

When I think of all the special moments we have spent together,
tears are truly brought to my eyes; you’ve been there through every type of weather.
Through the moments when I have been sad, down and blue,
I want to say, on this Christmas Day, that I really, truly thank you.

Dad, you are my hero. Dad, you are my source of life.
Dad, you are my inspiration. Dad, you are my source of might.
When someone means this much to you and so much in your life,
Giving thanks at Christmas is truly what is right.

In my life, so many people have come and gone throughout the years.
So many of these people have left me crying and left me in tears.
You were always there to pick up the pieces and send me on the right track.
At Christmas, I wish there was a way that I could pay you back.

Christmas in this home has always been full of so much love.
Christmas in this home has always been full of praise for God and Christ up above.
Without you in my life, these important lessons I would have never had.
Therefore, I must truly say and tell you that I love you so much, Dad.

Outside, I see the Christmas snow starting to pile up on the ground.
Inside, songs and musics about the season play of which I hear the sounds.
However, where I look to most on this Christmas Day is in my heart.
Here I find the love I have for you Dad; I’m so glad on Christmas, we are never apart.

My heart is truly broken on this Christmas Day.
Dad, the reason is that you are so very far away.
Up to heaven you have gone with God and Christ the Son.
I know that someday, I will see you, and then again we will be one.

Christmas is a time when we give thanks for all that we have.
Dad, I have got to say, you are truly cool and totally rad!

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