Christmas Poems about Friendship

Here we are, having our friend Christmas once again.
I’m truly not sure the words to express to you my friends.
Throughout each and every year, you bring me so much hope, love and glory.
You inspire me to remember and recall the one true Christmas story.

So many people through the years have called their friends “family,”
only to see that sadness suddenly comes from all of the glee.
I promise to you, my friends and my cronies, that to me, your friendship is true.
No way, no matter what happens, you simply could not make me feel blue.

When we think back to that first Christmas Day,
and the little babe Jesus lying in the hay,
we know that we need to be grateful for all that we have.
Above all else, I am so happy to call you my friends; the feeling is quite grand.

Gathering around the tree with my family on Christmas morning,
I know I’m missing something, and it’s not sleep from all my boyfriend’s snoring.
What I’m missing on this most glorious day,
is my friends who are just so far away.

Confidantes, cronies, friends, whatever name we shall give,
these people really help to enhance the lives that we live.
On Christmas Day, my appreciation comes out even more.
You all help to make my life brilliant, never a bore.
This special holiday of the year,
to you all, I want to give a big cheer.

Christmas is a time of year when we reflect on the relationships in our life.
Some of these relationships bring us happiness; others are filled with great strife.
When I look on all of the friends that I have made throughout the years,
my eyes simply fill up with the happiest of tears.

You keeping ask me what it is that I want from you on Christmas Day,
but all that I need is for you to come to my way.
Whether you are busy for most of the day or just for an hour,
come over for a little while, and of our friendship, we’ll experience the power.

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