Christmas Poems about Heaven

So long ago, we spent our last Christmas together.
So long ago, you enjoyed the Christmas season and your favorite weather.
Now, you rest with God up in heaven on this Christmas day.
I just want to send wishes, prayers, hugs and lots of love your way.

I cannot remember the last time that I felt joy on Christmas for you are gone.
I cannot remember the last time that I felt joy at all for you are gone.
Then I think about the fact that you are in heaven with God and with Christ,
and I am able to move on with some sense of hope and might.

Jesus Christ came to save us all on Christmas day,
and last year, God came to take you along on His way.
Christmas is just not the same without you here in my life,
I hope that this Christmas is not full of pain and great strife.

No longer shall I see your smiling face.
No longer shall I feel the presence of your hope and grace.
What I do know though at this Christmas time,
is that you are in God with heaven, and I am here with mine.

All of the gifts in the world could not make up for the fact that you are not here.
All of the presents under the tree can not ease my broken heart my dear.
However, I see a little glimpse of hope in my world full of dark and gray,
when I realize that you will be spending time in heaven on this beautiful Christmas Day.

Here on earth, we are often unable to envision the wonder of heaven and the true beauty of this space.
However, we able to reflect on how Jesus has brought us a real sense of God’s grace.
Even though you are gone, we know that you are in heaven with Christ and God.
Still though, Christmas without you is going to feel quite odd.

Heaven is surely a wonderful place to be for Christmas Day,
and please know that we are sending so much love your way.

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