Christmas Poems about Hope

It’s normal to feel a little bit down from time to time,
but we’re hoping to pick you up with this little Christmas rhyme.
When you are feeling sad, lonely and blue,
just think about all of the people who truly love you.
Even if it has been a truly tough year,
hope truly exists for the new year that draws near.

In a world full of turmoil, problems and sadness,
it can be really hard to find any sorts of gladness.
We look to the news; we look to the papers,
and all we find are bits of news that further our soul dampers.
However, when Christmas comes, and we are reminded of the gift of the Son,
we know that hope exists, and there’s still time to say we have won.

Hope is a word that is hard to understand.
Hope is a word that has a meaning truly grand.
Trying to understand the complexities of this word,
is certainly not an undertaking that is absurd.
To understand how to have hope, you need to know yourself better.
Say a prayer to God during this Christmas season or to Santa write a letter.

So many years ago, Jesus Christ came to pay us a greeting.
Many people were touched by his meeting.
Thousands of years later, his message still reigns supreme in the land.
Knowing that we have hope because of our Savior is a feeling so incredibly grand.

During this past year, a number of moments full of sadness have entered into your life.
In fact, it’s been a year full of grief and strife.
Fortunately, even when the world seems so grey,
hope can truly come to your soul on Christmas day.

Many times, people simply give up on hope.
When someone asks them to pray or believe, they will just say, “Nope.”
However, hope is a force that is alive in the world and bring so peace.
It’s impossible to not give a force a try; we promise it’s neat.
When Christmas arrives this year,
Try to keep hope in your heart near.

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