Christmas Poems about Jesus

So many people try to celebrate Christmas for the wrong reason.
They assume that gifts and greed are the meanings of the season.
However, only one true meaning of Christmas is ever going to exist,
and that is the fact that Jesus was born to present his life as a gift.

When you are going about the Christmas season,
for this holiday you might forget about the reason.
Many, many years ago, in a stable a baby laid his head,
and this is what Christmas is all about, not the colors green and red.

On the first Christmas, the holy family gathered ’round their little baby lying in a manger.
This child’s life would be filled with great hope and promise but also great danger.
Eventually, he gave his life so that humanity could live forever.
For this purpose, Christmas exists, and let us not forget that, never.

Without the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas would not be here.
You must remember to honor him each and every year.
If you go through the day without a prayer, song, poem or remembrance in his name,
then you are not celebrating Christmas; you are just playing a silly game.

Everywhere we go it seems, people want to hear “Happy Holidays.”
People are trying to change us to their modern ways.
However, in our hearts, minds and actions, we must keep alive the true meaning of the holiday,
and remember that is the celebration of Christ’s birth in each and every way.

No matter where you go, no matter what you do,
you might be wondering what Christmas means to you.
This is not a holiday where everyone gets to assign his or own meaning or definition.
No, instead, it is a day in memory of Jesus Christ who came here to save us all from sin.

You hear people say that they create their own meaning for Christmas year by year.
However, it is important to remember why this holiday is really held so dear.
Long ago, the holy family celebrated the birth of their son,
and he is the son of God, the one and true only one.

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