Christmas Poems about Presents

Christmas is not about the gifts underneath the tree.
It is about the presence of everyone here: you, you and me.

On Christmas morning, we often race down the stairs to see shiny packages and bows.
However, the true gift of Christmas is something that we all must know.
Thousands of years ago, Jesus Christ came to this earth,
and he saved humanity with the present of his birth.

When we think about the Christmas season,
gifts often come to our mind as a primary reason.
However, the greatest gift of all
was when Christ came to save us from Satan’s fall.

Looking at the presents underneath the tree
reminds me how glad I am that you are here with me.
Out of all the gifts, packages and bows,
you are my favorite present of all; that I know.

Sometimes, it is hard to figure out what it is that we want on this Christmas season.
Sometimes, we feel as though we are not living with any sort of reason
Then we see those gifts
that loved ones worked so hard to pick,
and we are reminded of the immense love
that fills our hearts like a gentle dove.

Each year, when December 25th comes to be,
I think of happy I am that you’re here with me.
This year, I have worked extra hard to find that perfect token of appreciation.
I could just scream out how much I love you from nation to nation.

Looking in my stocking on Christmas morning brings quite a surprise,
and I’m delighted to see what rests right before my eyes.
This year, it looks as though Santa has left me a special present,
and I now fully understand what his mission meant.

A present under the tree
is never going to be
as special as you are to me,
so let’s spend each Christmas together
no matter the weather.

Remember, when the Christmas season
arrives, Christ is the reason
that we are able to celebrate
and be with those who are so incredibly kind and great.

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