Christmas Poems about Reindeer

When you hear those little feet upon your roof on Christmas night,
you know that Santa has arrived in all of his great might.
These animals are truly a sign that Christmas is now here,
and you can have a wonderful day that is full of so much wonderful cheer.

Hearing little feet stomp up on top of your house,
is certainly not as quiet as a little tiny mouse.
However, these stomps are proof that a great magic has finally appeared,
and soon you will be presented with all of the gifts which to you he has endeared.

When you take your little ones to the local nurseries and farms,
they might be amused by these creatures that are supposed to fly with their legs and arms.
Do not let them leave the place without telling them the story,
of how these reindeer help Santa to fly across the sky in all of his glory.

You have certainly heard of the reindeer before,
in fact, you might even go to visit them in your local garden store.
Never underestimate the power of these beautiful creatures, especially on Christmas night.
They will go flying through the air while you all sleep tight.

A reindeer is not just a vehicle for Santa’s sleigh.
A reindeer is not just a creature that loves to munch on hay.
No, indeed, a reindeer is a symbol of magic and of love
that shows just how much joy and hope comes from up above.

As you are driving home from that lovely part on Christmas Eve at night,
you might be delighted to in the sky see such a sight
of Santa and his reindeer flying across the sky.
Soon, they will come to visit your house, but for now, the are way up sky.

When that red light shines through the sky on the night before Christmas,
you’ll soon know that your getting that new bike or instrument of brass.
For Rudolph is leading the reindeer through the night sky,
and it won’t be long before Santa Claus is nigh.

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