Christmas Poems about Romance

When down to the ground starts to come the snow,
please meet me underneath the mistletoe,

When Christmas days come to us again,
I hope that I can call you more than a friend.
Calling you my love would be more suitable,
and I think you are simply adorable.

I hope that romance can fill the air this Christmas season.
For having so much love in my heart, you are the reason.
I do not need fancy gifts or anything of that sort.
This year, all that I need is your heart.

Loving you is so easy and fresh.
Loving you brings happy words to my breath.
During the Christmas season, these feelings come even more naturally so,
and I want to love you all through the spring rain and the winter snow.

Loving you during Christmas brings so much joy to my heart.
I hope that on Christmas we never need be apart.
If we do, my dear
know that my fear
of living with you
will grow faster than a fury of snow.

Christmas is a time to cherish the people for whom we have the most love.
Truly, you are one of these people, and you are a gift sent from above.
When I think I cannot make it through the day or one more hour,
I think of how much our love has in terms of splendor and power.

As the clock on Christmas Eve begins to near the midnight hour,
I think about how our love has so much incredible power.
No matter where we are, where we go or where we wander,
on Christmas Day, we always wind up at our house over yonder.

My love for you on Christmas Day,
in terms of pounds, the same as Santa’s bag of toys it

Christmas Day has come again.
Christmas day is here my friend.
Instead of friend, this year I hope
I can call you lover because it is on you that I dote.

You on Christmas is all that I need
for my hungry heart to feed.

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