Christmas Poems for Adults

My dear, this Christmas Eve these are my wishes for you:
May rose tint of your cheek matches the poppy red hue;
The morning breeze yearns to play with your wavy hair;
The song thrush utters gentle tales of love to your ear;
That dewdrop decorates your forehead with its crystal speck;
The moonlight never forgets kissing your bare neck;
That the stars of the sky create a glittering tiara on your crown;
That every step of yours is caressed by earthy brown;
And when the vivacious butterfly sensuously touches your breast;
You know that you are loved and this world of yours is blest.

When you move your lips I sometimes forget focusing on your words,
For I become enchanted with the sonority of the words uttered by you.
When you look at me with those soft eyes of yours, I feel
An uncontrollable urge of delving into their entrancing depth.
When you curl or at times bite the edge of your scarlet lips
I feel an irresistible impulse of planting a kiss on and straighten them.
And as your throbbing heart push your bosom up and down
My own heart too follows the same rhythm to beat with it in unison.
As I gaze at your navel through the semi-sheer top of yours
I know a tender touch of my lips just below it will arouse passion
That is experienced by every generation since the days of Adam and Eve.
This holiday let us embrace each other and enjoy that pure ecstasy that is
Prerogative of Cupid and Psyche, known as, companionship, trust and immortal love.

Few days ago I saw you swimming in the stream that flows by our house.
When you were elegantly maneuvering your way through, your wet clothes were
Clinging to your body, making your sculpted figure additionally sharper.
As you were coming out of it the silver droplets of water were reluctantly
Dripping from your body and your wet locks took a refuge on your forehead.
Yesterday, I saw you again when you appeared from behind the cliff
The sun was setting on the horizon and in the muted light of the dusk you seemed to
Defy Bernini’s Apollo. My heart leapt with joy as I behold you early this morning,
Decorating your front door with laurel red ribbon, golden bells, wreath, straw and twig.
In my eyes and mind, you definitely are one half of Rodin’s Immortal Idol,
May I be the other half and enjoy with you this holiday season and forthcoming all?

The sunlight prides on warming your bare back
The moonlight in gently hugging your neck,
The touch of the morning air causes you to blush
The naughty evening air increases your ruddy flush,
The fragrant dawn kisses on your brows
The charming dusk on your bosom glows,
The afternoon firmament arouses your passion
And the night sky creates a sense of seduction,
Your presence makes the nature around flirtatious
Let us then relinquish the control and be amorous,
And enjoy these holidays as best as we may
Being one with the world, zealous and gay.

The murmur of the woods is prompting sweet-nothing words of
Romance in my ears as I am walking through it. The spirited torrent
Is mirthfully dancing down on her way to meeting her love.
Her slender form imitates your graceful willowy waist
Touching which generates an electrifying sensation in my body.
The playfulness of light and shadow is teasing me as much as
Do your supple legs revealing themselves from the slit of your skirt.
The dainty fire pinks peeping in and out of the thick bushes, much
Like your tender breasts shyly peeking from under your unbuttoned shirt.
And when the frivolous air climbs down my spine, I fail to control my
Impulse of holding you in my arms and gifting the love of your life.