Christmas Poems for Daughter

My dear, it still seems to me like yesterday
When I first held your little body in my arms.
You grabbed my thumb and showed all the signs of a
Brave person which years that followed revealed to everyone.
You were only few hours old then and glad as we were,
Me and your mom, we shed tears beholding your angelic face.
For us it seemed it was a paradise that we were welcomed into
Right there right at that moment. We were secretly cursing the
Hospital nurses for not letting us play with you longer!
As I received your loving note with basket full of orange blooms
All that were neatly stored into the memory came flooding by.
Our legacy would not have been in a safer hand than yours
And we pride in every achievement and joyful moments
That you enjoy in this blessed world of ours. Merry Christmas!

When did my little child grew up to be a beautiful swan
I know not. Did I forget noticing those moments when I
Was busy in the whirlwind of what we call living?
But I do remember many things that are worth remembering
The sweetness of your voice, the gentle touch of arms
Which embraced by neck and was worthier than prettiest necklaces.
I remember the sonorous sound of your laughter when
You gaily floated among the garden flowers hugging each
Fresh bloom, pointing at each vibrantly colored butterfly to
Draw my attention. You may not have known that it is you
Who were busy absorbing the whole of my mind and heart?
My little girl has grown up now to be a graceful lady and
Are naturally busy with pre-occupations more complicated than that.
But, your voice over the other side of the telephone line
Creates the same sensations that increased my blissful happy
State of mind manifold, years ago. So, in many regards, like this
Good old Christmas celebrations, things have changed a lot
Not to change much. Wish you all the happiness that this
World can afford for you and love preserved in a golden pot.

My dear daughter, I received your Christmas souvenir
That you have created solely for me during your trip to
Brittany. You painting introduced a gush of moist ocean
Air in my room – fresh and fragrant. And in a moment I
Too have seemed to be travelling with you; You were clutching
My hand, the same way you used to on all our trips to the
Nearest woods in quest of gathering forest flowers and mushrooms.
The swirl of white frock I used to follow as you out-maneuvered
Me with your nimble body. I vividly remember the surprise on
Your face in my apparent ignorance of many things. In journeying
The world you have sharpened your knowledge about this planet of
Ours and I remained the same old me. Yet, perhaps it is
God’s will by which the core values of life hardly undergo any change.
Let us then celebrate the presence of that unconquerable spirit that
Wise men call love, among us, and its power of binding each one of us
In a single string irrespective of our geographical location.

Join with us and merrily sing a song
Remember the time we spend here is not long
So don’t waste your time lingering along
Dance, play and be happy singing this joyful Christmas song.

Life is short and time is turbid
But always be prompt to forbid
Hopelessness, anguish and stings of distress.
Remember, it is only after cloud seizes threatening
That the glittering golden blessings come pouring
Forcing us in cherishing each day we pass under
This vast sky, starry night and occasional thunders.