Christmas Poems for Grandma

To Grandma we send Festive cheer
and we give our love to her
At Christmas may her days be blessed
For she’s the one we love the best.

Of any Christmas presents, none compares to love
and we give that to you,
So happy Christmas from us all,
Our Grandma, for the whole year through.
Grandma! Happy Christmas from the little ones
and have a lovely festive time
But do not open any gifts, till Santa comes.
Before then have our festive rhymes.

At Christmas when the snow falls deep
When lights light up the sleeping street
When bells ring gently in the night
When presents wait and children peep
Around the tree we peeking creep.

At this special time of Christmas cheer
We all send festive kisses from afar
To our special, lovely, unique Grandma.

Angels, reindeer, bows and snow
Turkey, santa, TV shows
are all things we can’t wait for
When the festive feeling grows.
We can’t wait for our gifts
To open up the boxes with delight
To eat our dinner happily
With all our special family
So we look forward to all of that
But we feeling excited all the more
Because we will soon be seeing Grandma!

We send our wishes of good cheer
The season of delight is here
Grandma come and share with us
A very merry little Christmas.

Underneath the tree the gifts await
Our waking on this Christmas day
In our beds we sleep and dream
Of Grandma sharing in the morning scene.

“Christmas is a special time
To send your love to special ones
And remember those you cannot see
So Merry Christmas Grandma
And a New Year too
We love you, and will love you
All the season through.

Thankyou Gran for helping me
From walks in the park
To preparing for my spelling bee
For walking me to practice
And for putting up with mischief,
For not screaming when I play the drums
And for being like a second mum,
For making birthday cakes
And relieving pain when my head aches
For always having a solution
Grandma you’re my Christmas hero
I’m so happy that you’re always near
To help me through the coming year.