Christmas Poems for Little Girls

Little ones, little ones, gather close by.
Soon Christmas Eve is going to draw nigh.
Little ones, little ones, soon it’s time to go to bed.
Santa Claus will be coming soon just as he said.

When you are a little girl,
the greatest gift is sometimes a little ribbon curl.
Playing with wrapping paper is surely a lot of fun and joy,
but open up the box and inside you’ll find a toy!

Dolls, ribbons, bows and other toys,
you don’t really want to share with the boys.
However, remember the spirit of Christmas Day,
and invite your little brother with your new toy to play.

On Christmas morning, a little girl’s face
is full of so much happiness and grace.
Be sure to teach about the season
and how Jesus Christ is the real reason.

Little girls bring so much joy to our hearts on Christmas Day,
and you need not spend an elaborate amount on toys to joy.
When they grow, they will understand
how the greatest gift you gave was the holding of your hand.

Christmas Day is a blessing.
Little girls are a blessing.
Put them both together,
and you will get through the winter weather.

Look at all of those packages and bows.
Look at those new fun socks for your little toes.
Look at the presents mom and dad have set up.
Look at the face of your new little pup!

Christmas gifts are so much fun for little ones,
and you are going to have a lot of fun.
No matter how old your little girls are,
they might love some dolls or a new toy car.

Christmas trees are all around.
The music of Christmas can really sound.
The bells are chiming each and every day.
The tunes of Christmas we will soon play.

Christmas Day is a special time
to cherish all that is yours and mine.
On this Christmas Day, I have so much thanks and praise,
for the little girl who I have the pleasure to get to raise.

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