Christmas Poems for Mothers

At this time of year,
I think of what I hold dear.
Yes, I picture my home, career and others,
but most of all I envision my mother!
You always show me great love and great care,
and most of all, for me, you are always there.

When Christmas comes around each year,
I begin to ponder with thoughts quite clear
about how my mother has sacrificed her all
to make each and every Christmas a ball.
This year, Mother, I say to you
Have a very merry Christmas; your gift is long overdue.

Christmas holds a special place in my heart
as it reminds me of my dear mother and her art.
It was an art of giving, caring, loving and more;
It was an art of making sure Christmas was never a bore.
Even though she has gone to the great world up above,
For her, on Christmas, my heart is filled with love.

Mother, you have provided me with the gift of life
and helped me to make it through pain, grief and strife.
At Christmas time, I simply don’t know how to give you the proper thanks for what you’ve done,
so here’s a great hug of love and joy from your favorite son!

As a child, you held my hand
led me through snow and sand.
As an adult, you old my heart.
At Christmas, I hope we will be never apart.

When I was little, I waited for Santa to come right through the door.
Without him, I always thought that Christmas would be a snore.
Now that I’m older, and I know the love that you always gave,
About your devotion, dedication and love at Christmas I will rave.

A mother is a special gift sent from God above.
A mother is a special gift that brings us so much love.
At Christmas, we are to remember all those for whom we give great thanks and praise,
and this year on this holiday, I remember the joy with which I was raised.

Mother, since the day I was born, you gave me gift after gift.
This year for Christmas, let us end this rift.

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