Christmas Poems for my Family

No greater gift exists under the tree
than the presence of my family.
Through the years, we have always been together,
no matter what Christmas presents us with in terms of weather.
As the season goes on, I simply cannot wait,
for this beautiful Christmas date!

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers all gather here on this day.
Before we sit down for dinner, it is true that we must pray.
Without the Holy Family and the birth of Christ the son,
A real sense of the Christmas season, we would have none.

Our family is so special to me, and our family means so much.
Our family has been brought together by much more than mere luck.
Instead, God has brought us together in this home,
and I am so proud at Christmas to call my family my own.

Every Christmas morning, I rush down the stairs.
By gosh, I don’t even take the time to brush out my hair!
Some people think I rush because I want to see what’s under the tree,
but the reason I go so hastily down is because it’s my family who I want to see.

Racing around through the Christmas season is something we all do,
but when the shopping and spending is over, we are left with you know who.
Our wonderful families are here with us to celebrate the holiday,
and we are going to show appreciation for them in each and every way.

Christmas is a time of year to think about giving to others.
Amongst those others were must include our sisters and our brothers.
In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we work to help those in need.
Then truly, our family can say that it has done a great deed.

For many years I wondered about the true meaning of the Christmas season,
and when I look to the Holy Family, I find my one true reason.
The reason for this beautiful holiday is to give praise to Christ the King,
and with our lovely families will we celebrate Christmas and in the new year ring.

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