Christmas Poems for my Husband

Although you drive me crazy when you leave around your dirty socks,
I hope you realize that to my heart, you are the only one who owns a lock.
During this Christmas season, I want you to know how I feel.
The love between the two of us is incredibly real.

I know I call you husband; I know I call you friend.
I hope you know that I call you my best friend who will never end.
Christmas is the time of year when we give thanks and praise for the people we love.
Truly, our love is really peaceful, and it is much like a beautiful dove.

Each year, we have wrapped gifts for each other and put them under the tree.
This year, I have a little extra something special for you and for me.
Next year, at this time, we are going to be called mommy and daddy.

My husband, you are seriously the light of my life, and you bring me so much joy.
Next year, we are going to welcome to this world a little girl and boy.

When we go downstairs to the tree on Christmas morning,
after a night of listening to one another snoring,
we will find beautiful gifts underneath the tree.
But the greatest present in the world is that you are here with me.

When we celebrated our wedding, I was so incredibly happy.
Now, don’t get mad at me for giving you a poem that’s sappy.
Each and every day since then, my love for you has only grown.
On this Christmas Day, I hope you know how grateful I am that you are my own.

As I think about our wedding day,
I kneel down and pray.
I give thanks to God on this Christmas Day
for bringing you, my love, my way.

During Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, we think about those people for whom we are most grateful.
During this special time of the year, I hope you know that it is for you whom I am most thankful.

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