Christmas Poems for my Parents

I know when I was little, I may have caused you some stress.
Perhaps I didn’t want to wear my brand new Christmas dress.
However, now that I am older, I know all you gave.
I completely understand the sacrifices that you have made.
Now that I know all you have done,
I give thanks on this Christmas Day, the birth of God’s son.

When Jesus Christ was born, so very long ago,
it’s unlikely that there was any present snow.
Today, our land is chilly, and sometimes, our hearts feel cold.
Parents, please know, your love makes me remember this true story of old.

When I was small, you would tell me Christmas stories.
I know that, perhaps, I tried to take the glory.
Perhaps I thought my stories were better and my tales were bolder,
but I’ve learned so much know that I have grown old.
I have learned that during my younger years, maybe I did not practice the true meaning of the season.
However, at this point in my life, due to your lessons, I now completely understand the real reason.

You have always provided me with presents and gifts under the tree.
I cannot tell you how much this all has meant to me.
However, the greatest gift you have given me is not something that be adorned with a bow.
Instead, the most precious gift I have is how much you love me I really true know.

My parents, I know I probably do not tell you enough.
I know I probably ask for way too much stuff.
I know I probably do not listen as much as you would like.
I know I probably have caused you some aggravation since I was a little tyke.
However, what I know above everything else on this Christmas Day
is that I love you in each and every way.

Mom and Dad, you have given me so much in my life.
You have helped me to overcome many moments of strife.
I have so many words to say to you with praise,
but most of all, I hope God blesses you for all of your days.

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