Christmas Poems for my Uncle

Through the years, of course, I have always called you uncle indeed,
but when we look at the family tree, it’s more like I’m your own seed.
The similarities we share are more than most can believe,
and during the Christmas season, I give thanks for this reprieve.

Everyone talks about their funny uncle and how he makes them chuckle.
Everyone talks about their funny uncle and how he wears hilarious buckles.
Sure, when I think about you, my uncle, I realize you have a intense sense of humor and fun, but most of all, I am glad you are my family and that it’s in my veins your blood runs.

Christmas is a time of year when we gather to give thanks for the people who we hold dear.
Christmas is a time of year when we gather with people who live far and near.
I am so incredibly happy that you are one of the people who are with us on Christmas.
For having such a wonderful uncle, it is certainly to God whom I pray.

When the family gathers around the Christmas tree each and every year,
Uncle, I wish you were one of the people who as near.
Yes, on the holidays and through much of the year, the distance manages to keep us apart.
However, I hope you realize that I always have you in my heart.

When the year starts to come to an end, we start to prepare for the season.
To be motivated for this time of rejoicing and praise, everyone needs a reason.
My reason for celebrating and my reason for joy is the existence of my family,
but my happiness is even more heightened when it is you that I see.

An uncle is such a special part of the family,
and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that it is you whom I see.
When the holidays come around each and every year,
without you there to celebrate, I cannot imagine that in my holiday season, there would be very much cheer.

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