Christmas Poems for Nurses

Christmas is a time to prosper,
May the patients on your roster,
Be greatly reduced,
As well as children,
That become fostered,
This is a time to forget ourselves,
To carry kindness in the heart,
And to spread the wealth,
To wish others well for just one day,
To give something without thought of pay,
Christmas poems for nurses,
Should reflect their cause,
Improving the quality of life,
Even though life has flaws,
This religious time should bring folk together,
To celebrate the life of Christ,
And although it’s sometimes hard to,
We should all try and be nice.

You devote your working life,
To improving the lives of others,
You satisfy people of all varieties,
From aunties to mothers to fathers to brothers,
Your passion for your work,
Gives men the will to go on,
Your open mind affects everybody,
No matter where they are from,
This Christmas period will see many people your way,
Drink and drug fuelled parties,
Will send individuals astray,
But luckily people like you,
Will be on hand to save the day,
By keeping many of the cuts and bruises at bay,
So during this festive season,
Try and spare a thought for yourself,
As many of yours are focused on others,
So even though you struggle finding time,
Try just once to pat yourself on the shoulder.

This Christmas there will be an arm to bandage,
This Christmas there will be a cut to clean,
This Christmas there will be a person damaged,
This Christmas there will be a ruptured spleen,
This Christmas there will be life worth saving,
This Christmas there will be someone in need,
This Christmas there will be a tearful mother,
Because you have bought her some hope indeed,
Christmas time for nurses can be hard work,
Christmas time for nurses can be berserk.
At Christmas time, nurses lurk.

This Christmas your heart will shine,
For miracles occur within your proximity,
Smiles will grace faces including mine,
And folk will feel temporarily healed,
This Christmas you will do a good thing,
By executing your trade to your utmost ability,
Many citizens will feel inclined to sing,
Many folk will enjoy a good meal,
I hope this Christmas brings joy to you,
As you have improved the lives of some,
And although this Christmas won’t be for everybody,
I sincerely hope it is you that has fun.

If the hospital is a heart,
You are merely a blood cell,
Yet who is to say,
You have no thrust of your own,
You carry out your duties,
And keep calm in the process,
Sometimes thanked with warm smiles,
Before patients go home,
The hospital is a muscle,
And you do your bit,
To numb and counteract,
Those honest groans,
May this Christmas reward you,
For your loyal services,
For you are a cell,
Yet as strong as a bone.