Christmas Poems for Sisters

My dear sister, you were my first playmate
When I was weak and young to be introduced into
The big boys’ club. You read me marvelous stories
And, I went to each one of those amazing places holding your hand
In my active mind’s imagination. You taught me
How to sing my first jingle for the function to
Celebrate Christmas in my kindergarten.
Today, I am writing my first Christmas Poems for my sister
As an ode to many firsts that she attempted for me before.

Do you remember our first fresco that we collaborated on
To decorate the walls of our living room when dad and mom
Were out tending a business meeting and what ensued after that?
Have you forgotten the red stockings that you sewed and
I put sequins on just before Christmas in expectation of
Prizes for good deeds from Santa? Do you still remember the
Way you used to hold the chair steady to let me search the
Upper shelf for delicious cookies prepared especially for Christmas.
Well sister, do not be sad if you cannot remember any of those days
For I plan to compensate the loss in every ways by expressing my
Love, gratitude and pleasure in your company my sister, this day
And forever through this humble poem for my sister!

My little sister, why there is a drop of a crystal tear
On your rosy cheek? Why are the corners of your ruby red
Lips are bent slightly downwards? Why is it that your hair
Looks disheveled and you seemed to be less prepared to embrace
The joys ff this morning? Oh, I do understand! May be your sadness
Springs from another one of life’s blows and you have ceased
To care if it is holiday or another day full of toil and drudgery.
Let me tell you here as I should let my sister a secret hear
There is no good cheer devoid of a pinch of bitterness here and there.
So brace up and face life completely ignoring its sneers
And time on earth for you will be glorious and merrier.

My little sister, my kid brother and me
The three of us are such a company.
When we laugh the birds become chirpier
When we talk the bees become chattier.
When we roam around our little town
We soak in things unseen and unknown.
Late after dinner when we sing our carol
The audience becomes captivated, young or old
Folks for whom we read out our books
Bring happiness, respect and gratitude.
But these are special poems for brothers and sisters
Reserved only for such special friendships
As we for each other foster.

My sister for me is rare sources of inspiration
Doing each of her tasks with equal passion.
An insignia of strength and intrepidity
My constant companion since childhood in serendipity.
Never goes by a day that she does not show
How to embrace life and go on to sow
Seeds of joy, compassion, pleasure and care.
I am in positive fear that I may fail
To thoroughly express my appreciation for
My sister and the sunshine she is, in each
One of our lives bringing happiness and laughter.