Christmas Poems for Teachers

Teacher, you are one of the greatest joys in my life.
You have helped me through moments of great academic strife.
No matter where you are going to be on Christmas Day,
I hope you have one that is blessed and full of mer-ray.

Teacher, teacher, I listen to your words.
Know that your words are truly heard.
Heard are the words that you always say
about the real meaning of that holy Christmas Day.

In the classroom I sit and wait
for that special Christmas date.
I cannot wait until the last bell rings,
and then my heart is truly going to sing.
However, teach, if I had to be in a class,
I pick yours to be in until the minute that is last.

Christmas vacation is coming soon, and we will all be on break.
I promise on my winter project I will not make one mistake.
I promise I will return with dedication and plenty of smarts.
I promise I will return learning more about the hearts.
I will learn these lessons from the knowledge I gain on Christmas Day,
and I will bring them to the classroom in each and every way.

On Christmas Day, I am going to gather with my family under the tree.
Indeed, there is no place that I would rather be.
However, if I had to pick a place to go or a class to attend,
you can bet that I would be in your class, my teacher and my friend!

Teachers have a very special place in our heart.
It is too bad that on Christmas Day we must be apart.
Just know that I will be thinking of you when this special day comes
from the place that I call home.

Presents, gifts and bows underneath the tree,
no better place exists that I would rather be.
Still though, I will be happily thinking about your class
and, of course, the spring’s nice warm summer grass.

Teacher, all that I can say on this last school day
is that I hope you have a merry Christmas in every way.

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