Christmas Poems – Short and Funny

On Christmas Day, what shall we do?
Well, one of the things is we’ll take out the brew!

Egg nog, beer, wine and more,
this Christmas Day, we might hit the floor.

When Santa comes down the chimney tonight,
he might be greeted to a bit of a fright.
We are not exactly the calmest of folks,
and that’s even more true after some whiskey and Cokes.

Santa Claus is coming; Santa will be here soon.
Look up at that big bright shining moon.
Oh, you said you were naughty this year?
Get out! Get out! I want Santa to come here!

Santa is coming to town in just a few hours.
It’s best that we all take our showers.
Oh, but wait, I’m actually going to stay out there
in hopes that Santa will give me an extra present, something dear.

Christmas Day is a time to spend with family and friends,
I hope these root-toot-tooting good times never come to an end.

It will be sad to see you go when Christmas Day comes to an end.
After all, I am proud to call you a real and true friend.
However, maybe then, we can get rid of some of this coal.
As story has it, you are the one preventing us from getting
to the good present goal.

So you said you were bad this year.
Then it’s time to get out of here.
It’s time for you to go on home,
so I can get my new garden gnome
from Santa Claus on this Christmas Day.
Hurry on, go on, get out of my way!

Last year, you said that Santa left nothing in your stocking.
Of your bad deeds during the season, Santa was surely mocking.
If you’ve been bad again this year, be sure to put your stocking away,
I don’t want Santa to mix up our present-holders on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day is a time for fun,
so come on over to our house hun!
We’ll have plenty of drinks and food for all;
we are sure to have a grand ball!

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