Christmas Poems to Memorize

If you can memorize this short poem,
then you can recite it at home
when everyone gathers ’round the tree on Christmas Day
to wish them merry tidings and a blessing in a new and unique way.

A short little poem
that you can say at home
is the perfect way
to wish your loved ones a merry Christmas Day.

The Christmas season is full of reds and greens,
but do you know what Christmas really means?
In fact, it is the celebration of Christ the King,
so keep praising God even after the new year’s bells ring.

Listening to the ringing bells and the beautiful songs
reminds us all that celebrating Christmas can never be wrong.
Be sure to celebrate it in the right way
and to remember that Christ was born on this day.

The Christmas tree is sparkling, and so are my eyes
when I see that under the tree rests a great surprise.
What is hidden in those papers, bags and bows?
Only unwrapping the gifts will let us know.

Snow, snow, snow on Christmas Day
for a white Christmas, we do pray.
Snow, snow, snow on Christmas Eve,
we really, really do believe.

A white Christmas is a perfect dream,
and it creates a perfect scene.
But don’t delay on getting to your family celebration
for today is the day we celebrate God’s most precious creation.

Santa Claus will be coming soon.
Have no worries; he’ll arrive well before noon.
Santa Claus is now coming day,
and because of that, the children are shouting, “Hooray!”

When Santa comes on down the road,
tis a wonderful story to be told.
He’s a man dressed in black, red and white,
and he is here to bring you a Christmas delight.

When Christmas finally comes around,
you’ll want to sing out in the whole town.
Make sure that you keep the true reason
in mind, for that is the purpose of the season.

In a short time,
here’s a little rhyme
to wish you a Merry Christmas day
in each and every single way.

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