Christmas Poems with Smiles

Christmas and sunshine
are all the rain-side
attraction to life well lived
with overflowing satisfaction.

On Christmas night
count your own stars:
which are bright?
And which are slight?
And kiss the dead deeds
of the past year good night.

Christmas isn’t for the faint hearted–
it takes courage to be incredible
Remember what it’s all about
love and faith but boiled down
into action carried out to the n’th.

If I were in trouble
I’d count my blessings
not just at Christmastime
but gather up all the budding
hopes and cut Christmas boughs,
lace up the candles
with all the faith I can find
even in the summer time
and remember that from my dreams
I should never choose to hide.

Christmas rhyme and Christmas mine
Stitch up your heart once and then times nine
Then unloose it on the wind
along with the candle light and the hymns
Not just a time for holding your loved ones close
but a time to dream, a time to be planting seeds
of your future bright
in the whitest of the most white
starry season of winter time.

Enough has been said about “All Through the House”
and the Christmas Eve stillness of the quiet mouse
Now it’s time to hold dear, not only memories
but to stitch into your life, not only prayer
but also dreams: hope, faith; this is the season
to celebrate both in quiet and loud ways
so open your mouth and then close down
all the doubts, cast those away.

Christmas fair and Christmas here
and Christmas dear and near
remember to draw hope and love
from the very air that the season
represents and pause to reflect
the brilliance of the blanketing
snow and the Christmas lights
whether they blink or hold their charms.
This year find a second or two
to, in being you, blink back.Christmas Poems with Smiles

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