Christmas Quotes about Alcohol

Christmas dreams don’t involve alcohol, until you grow up.

Scotch is like a kiss at Christmastime.

Christmas revelry can feel like falling in love, like having a glass of very fine bourbon on Christmas Eve. Fine things go together.

What does alcohol have to do with Christmas; one makes the other bearable.

Ah, that’s better: the sigh uttered upon having a the very first of a very fine glass of a very fine alcohol of choice at Christmastime.

Christmas and alcohol? Both are for the weeds.

Christmas and alcohol have nothing to do with each other except that, at certain times, both seem to make life worth living.

I don’t need alcohol or Christmas, in a lifetime, and yet I’ll take both–as I’ll take a heartbeat–and call that a bargain, at the holiday season, or at any other time.

“Is it an alcoholic party” is a question much like “is it a Christmas party?” They are questions you actually want to hear the answers to.

Christmas is not the point of winter. Neither is scotch. It just seems that way sometimes.

What is anticipation made of? Liquor and Christmas, I’d say.

Grown ups don’t dream about sugar plums or other confections dancing in their heads at Christmastime. Instead, it’s all hockey stops and great bottles of scotch.

The next time I have a Christmas party, I’ll be sure to pour dreams and wishes into the punch alongside whatever I’ve chosen to add the punch. That’s how we get down at Christmas and all year round.

Christmas isn’t my favorite time of year, and drinking alcohol isn’t my favorite thing to do with my time. But they both make life a hell of a lot easier.

Alcohol and Christmas are like twins sometimes in that you want both but only in proper measure.

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