Christmas Quotes about Cats

Along with the famous poem, “My Cat Jeffrey,” should be the titles of poems like, “My Cat Christmas” and “My Cat Clementine.”

Cats are like Christmas: they always keep their shine.

Cats are God’s original gift to man, along with dogs, and parakeets.

House cats are to cougars, jaguars, and leopards what Christmas is to arbor day.

My cat is the Christmas in my life; he brings that kind of joy every day.

If there were a savior in the animal kingdom, I’m willing to bet money on the fact that it would be a cat sporting an attitude.

Cat heaven would include catnip and fake mice, beef cat treats, and stockings in the shape of birds at Christmastime.

If I could receive one gift from the universe at Christmas, let it be a cat’s love.

Cats and Christmas go together like snow and pine trees.

If there is no one at home at Christmastime, my cat would hold the energy of home and make every day into a holiday.

Being the spirit of the house is somehow built into the soul of the cat the way joy itself is sewn into the word “Christmas.”

Cats are made of moon-beams, sunlight, pure air, and Christmas dreams.

Cats are jealous of two things: your significant other and the tree at Christmas.

I’d keep the tree upright if my cat would agree that, at Christmas, adornment is a priority.

I love few things more than I love my cat: One of them is the pure magic that Christmas is.

Christmas and cats match; both are made of pure magic.

Cats don’t seem synonymous with snow storms until you see yours sitting against the windowsill on a late afternoon winter day.

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