Christmas Quotes about Children

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday of the year, but having children adds even more joy to this special day.

The joy of having children and the joy of celebrating Christmas are two of the greatest wonders in the world.

Having the ability to teach a new generation about the true meaning of Christmas is the greatest gift this Christmas season.

Having you in my life is truly the greatest gift in the world.

Recalling my own youth and watching a new generation open presents truly brings tears of joy into my eyes.

What they’ve been saying all along, it’s true. Little ones really add to the meaning of Christmas.

Children have not yet been tainted by our world, and they are able to rejoice in Christmas for what it truly is: the celebration of Christ’s birth.

Everywhere we go, Christmas is around us in the smiles and hearts of the most precious of babes.

Little children have a gift of communicating with God, and this gift enhances the Christmas celebration for all of us.

Ask a child what Christmas means to him or her, and you will truly be humbled.

I have been so blessed this year, and having children with whom to celebrate the Christmas season is the greatest joy in the world.

Seeing those little faces so eager and happy on Christmas morning is all that I need.

My children, even though you are grown, Christmas, to our family, will always feel like home.

Christmas isn’t the same without my children here.

Being blessed with children is the greatest gift from God this Christmas season.

I have learned that children are truly a blessing and a gift from our Lord.

Watching little ones open their presents brings a feeling of peace and serenity to our household.

Our home has grown in love and spirit by having children here on this Christmas day.

Children truly enhance the season and help to reminder us all of the magic it beholds.

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