Christmas Quotes about Dogs

With a dog in your life, Christmas is going to be that much better.

Christmas is truly enhanced by the presence of a furry friend.

Christmas is so much better with man’s (or woman’s!) best friend at your side.

Watching your dog open presents on Christmas morning is a gift that cannot be measured.

Dogs are an integral part of the family.

At Christmas, the family is not complete unless the dog is present.

If your furry friend is not there on Christmas morning, it just isn’t going to feel like a holiday.

Sometimes, it is better to spend Christmas home with the dog than out with the merrymakers.

Dogs truly are able to see into our souls and remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.

Dogs help to bridge that gap between God and humanity and make Christmas more meaningful.

Even though they cannot speak in our language-or perhaps it is that we cannot speak in theirs-we know that dogs realize the true meaning of Christmas.

Every year, when you gather around the tree, you always want to have a dog by your side.

Remember, a dog is a treasure, not a Christmas gift to be ignored by the time Easter rolls around.

Do not give dogs as gifts unless the recipient has full intentions of showing this animal love and devotion for always.

Dogs are treasures, and these treasures enhance the Christmas season.

Without a dog, Christmas is going to feel a little bit empty.

Dogs will love you no matter what; therefore, they channel that eternal and undying love of Christ.

Dogs help us to better understand what Christmas is truly about.

When you’re feeling down during the holiday season, let your dog bring you those special touches of Christmas.

No matter what, Christmas will always be better with a dog by your side.

These furry friends have the power to motivate and inspire us to be better people during the Christmas season and all throughout the year.

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