Christmas Quotes about Jesus

Jesus is not only the inspiration for the Christmas season; He is the way.

Christmas is not only about presents, revelry, Christmas songs, or Christmas pagentry. At its core, it is a holiday about hope, redemption, and the path that Jesus walked.

Christmas reminds us that the true miracles is not only in the fact that Jesus died on the cross but that He lived.

Jesus is the whole reason that Christmas exists; this season try not to forget it.

At Christmas, thoughts turn to the gift that Jesus gave to the worlds, the light that His life brought and was, not the material obsession that we sometimes allow it to be.

Jesus was not only a savior; he was the light and the way that we choose to honor just a few days after the shortest day of the year. In the coldest of places, his example is a beacon.

Jesus reminds us what it is to live and to give of ourselves and others; what better time than the solstice to turn on our faith to honor him than at Christmas, when the winter dark is at its height.

Christmas is a time to celebrate not only each other, love, hope, and the Christmas story but the very hope that Christ, himself, is.

The hope of Jesus is another kind of Christmas light.

At Christmas, let the winds of our faith find not only each other and our community but the poor and the wretched; let the example of Jesus stand.

What is the story of Jesus and Christmas but a story about light brought into the body and lived?

Christmas prayers are not only uttered in poems and songs or in the words we say to each other but in the way that we choose to walk in Jesus’s footsteps.