Christmas Quotes about Light

Christmas is not about the lights–and it is.

Christmas is one of those holidays that is all about light. It’s spiritually illegal to have any darkness in it.

What is more full of light than the Christmas story? Christmas has so much hope in it you could read a book by it.

If you are short on oil for your lamp, try some Christmas hope.

Christmas is the season of light.

Though the days be shortest at Christmas, we make up for it with our joy and heart lights.

If I am ever homesick, give me a bough of pine, holiday lights, and the news of home at Christmas.

The words light and Christmas are close together in the dictionary of our hearts.

What is Christmas but the metaphoric light by which we live our lives?

Christmas is not about symbolism as much as it is about the light that we call faith and hope.

At Christmas, the light of each of us helps light the night with another kind of luminosity: all so much silver and moonlight mixed in with strings of dancing Christmas lights.

The light we see is defined by the world of our childhood: Looking at myself in adulthood, I say thank god for Christmas.

The kind of light I am talking about can’t be measured on a spectrum; it’s the kind of light that guides from within, the same as that found on earth at Christmastime.

Dispelling all the cliches around the Christmas story is the light itself, from which that story is woven, which fills all of us.

If I had to assign the Christmas story a type of light, I’d say it’s the late October red-yellow vibrant kind, which transforms the landscape into a painting, or else the pure white light of the stars themselves.

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