Christmas Quotes about new Beginnings

If there were a time of year for new beginnings, it would be the Christmas dawn.

I never feel as newly born, or rife with the promise of new beginnings, as I do at the Christmas dawn.

Nothing rhymes with the hope of Christmas as much as a new beginning.

New beginnings, like Christmas, are all about new birth.

Just when the world is too jaded to take anymore, it’s suddenly Christmas and new beginnings are everywhere.

Christmas is for the young at heart because they remind us that when a story ends, there’s always some other story just beginning.

Christmas reminds us that the end of stories is not always predictable; just when it seems over is when some miraculous new beginning is, all of a sudden, born.

To the cynical in nature I like to say: wait until Christmas, which reminds us that new beginnings are constantly being born.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that a new beginning is not just around the corner; the meaning of Christmas is not in Christ’s death; it is in the beginning that came right afterward.

A new beginning is found in the seeds of some other story’s end the way Christmas hope lays the groundwork for the year ahead.

Christmas is just a synonym for the concept of “new beginning.”

New beginnings are always found, lying dormant, in our darkest hours. Look no farther than Christmas itself to see that.

Christmas is full of hope and celebration, the same that are found in every new beginning.

Don’t give me hope; give me actions and Christmas.

Christmas is all bluster until you get divorced or married again and then you remember that, always in the holiday, is the feeling of newness and new beginnings.

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