Christmas Quotes about Shopping

Christmas is not about shopping, but we might as well pretend it is.

This year try to go beyond shopping; reach for the caring, light-giving, metaphoric action.

Shopping is not the point of Christmas; why pretend that it is?

The Christmas journey does not begin with a new crèche or with new miniature village houses; nor does it end with new candles. This year, reach for higher ground.

We have become a nation of addicts, and shopping is our drug. Never is this more apparent than at Christmas.

This season remember that shopping is neither a beginning nor an end on to itself; it is a means to show how much you care.

Shopping is not the point of life or Christmas or anything else, but it sure damn helps.

There are two solutions that always help to improve the mood of a loved one: Christmas and retail therapy.

Next to Christmas, shopping is the next best therapy.

Christmas shopping doesn’t have the same ring to it as Christmas love, but it sure helps in the latter department.

Christmas would not be the same without the shopping season, which starts on Black Friday and ends at New Year’s.

Make no mistake about it: Christmas is a holiday, but Christmas shopping is a season long.

Christmas baubles don’t last the way that love does, so be sure to put your heart this year on your shopping list.

Hearts and flowers are not the primary symbols for the Christmas season; love is. Where does that leave shopping?

I would spend more time with those I love, but I’m too busy being stuck in Christmas shopping lines.

Christmas magic is not about the shopping but about the dreams you access through it.

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