Christmas Quotes about Sisters

Sister, I know that I always have a best friend for life, and at Christmas, for that I am most grateful.

The power of sisterhood really comes alive with the spirit of Christmas.

Maybe we are not sisters by blood, but our bond knows no such bound. Christmas is a time for family, and together we shall spend it.

Sisters are a vital part of the happiness felt at Christmas.

Picturing the Holy Family at that First Christmas reminds me of the importance of family together.

Sister, no greater gift exists than seeing your home for the holidays.

We may live across the country or even in other lands, but seeing you at Christmas is always just so grand.

So much joy comes to my eyes at Christmas. I remember the days when we would run down the stairs in our Christmas pajamas, and now, we watch our own little ones experience this bond-forming leap of joy together.

My heart and soul leap up at Christmas, even more so when you are there.

Christmas would not be the same without you.

Sister, without you, Christmas just would not feel quite as special.

Although my sister has gone to the light of heaven, I still feel her presence each Christmas morning.

The joy of a sister coupled with the joy of Christmas is really the greatest gift in the world!

You are my sister this Christmas and every Christmas; you are my best friend this Christmas and every Christmas.

We’re always inseparable.

This season is a time of year when I give so much thanks for having you in my life.

Sister, I’m sorry I do not say it enough, but this Christmas,
I want you to know how much I love you.

Sisters make the world go ’round, and they make Christmas just that much better.

Last year, without you here, to my eyes came a tear. Now that you have made your presence known, Christmas this year truly feels like home.

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