Christmas Quotes about Work

Let’s face it: Working on Christmas isn’t all that chill. However, working with all of you certainly makes it a thrill!

Having colleagues like you has taught me the difference between a thoughtless Christmas and one that is full of warmth and joy.

Listening to you all discuss your own Christmas celebrations has inspired me to start my own traditions.

This Christmas season, I have truly been inspired by your spirit and generosity.

I may not say these words enough, but at Christmas, let me tell you know deeply and truly I appreciate all that you do.

Christmas is a time when we learn to give, and being with colleagues like you has truly taught me this valuable lesson.

I have learned so much from working here; I cannot wait to use these lessons to inspire Christmas cheer.

Seeing the hard work and effort you put in each day has inspired me to be a better person in the new year.

Christmas is a time for this silly rhyme: Thank you for hard work, and I’m sorry if I’ve ever been a jerk!

Perhaps I do not say these words enough. However, at Christmas, I need you to know that I appreciate you and all that you do for this company.

This business would not exist without the hard work all of you put in. God bless and merry Christmas!

I truly hope that God keeps and blesses you while we are away for the Christmas vacation.

Even though we have to work on this holy day, with coworkers like you, it feels so much more like play!

We shall decorate, sing and rejoice at the company party and all throughout the season.

I eagerly await the joy and splendor that the company Christmas party shall bring to my heart and soul.

Coworkers like you are the reason that I am able to be thankful during this Christmas season.

On Christmas morning, I shall count my blessings. No doubt exists that you will all be among them.

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