Christmas Quotes – Business Related

Even though we see each other strictly at the office, know that I will be thinking of you and yours when Christmas arrives.

From our company to yours, have the merriest of Christmases!

Maybe it’s hard to envision Christmas when you’re in the business setting, but just think of all the gifts you will soon be getting!

Working in this office during the Christmas season has been a pleasure due to coworkers like you.

Working in this office during Christmas has been wonderful because of employees like you.

It’s been a pleasure doing business with you! See you in the new year!

Christmas is a time for rejuvenation. Let us take this time to reflect on our company and personal goals and how we can thrive even more in the new year.

At this time of year, let me say that it has been a true blessing to work with all of you.

A company like this is what Christmas is all about.

Christmas comes to life in this company because of the incredible people who work here.

Christmas is truly a miracle, and I see the effects of that miracle in each and every one of your faces every day.

Thank you for being an incredible team. During this Christmas season, my thankfulness grows even more.

Christmas is a time of year to give thanks for all of the joy in our life, and as a result, I give my utmost thanks and gratitude to you.

I thank God every day that I am a part of this amazing company, and I am most thankful at Christmas.

Without this company, I don’t know if my Christmas spirit would be quite the same.

I’ve been reminded of a major part of the Christmas season by working here: team work and dedication to goals.

My spirit is strengthened because I am working here during the Christmas season.

When we are all sitting around the tree with our own families, let us take a few moments to give thanks for our wonderful coworkers.

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