Christmas Quotes for him

Whoever thought of the concept of gifts for Him kind of missed the boat on originality. This year let’s add dreams, cards, and wishes to the gifts for Him category. Merry Christmas.

Should Hymns be added to the Gifts for Him section of the bookstore? Just wondering to a special Him. Merry Christmas.

To Him: In the refreshing department with a capital R, do you think plays on words are helpful or distracting? Either way, here’s looking at words–whether it be in the beginning or the in the end. Merry Christmas.

Gifts for Him? What could it mean? Gifts for my father, for my husband, brother, or the Lord? Is that a category I can just fill in? Merry Christmas, anyway, to a special Him.

Brother, you are the thread that ties me to earth. Thanks for being such a shining light this year. Happy Christmas to a special Him.

Father, you definitely make use of the word “at” that is hidden inside the word, “father,” itself. Know this Christmas, that, for me, year-round, you are where it’s at. Merry Christmas to a special Him.

This year I went beyond the act of buying you another tie that you’ll just put into your closet. I bought a Special Card for Him instead. Merry Christmas whoever you are.

Darling, I suffer when we fight, so this year for Christmas, I bought you a card to stave off the temptation of telling you how I really feel. &$#!*$ to a Special Him.

To a Special Him, Christmas lore is a bore compared to being in your company. Merry Christmas to one who breaks the mold.

Merry Christmas to the one who puts the word Special into the gift category “Special Gifts for Him.” Merry Christmas.

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