Christmas Quotes for a Special Person

The special person is like God’s own ray, a smiling example of how to be each day, a living illustration pointing out the way of how upon God’s very own path to stay. A Christmas wish for you, my dear friend, is that your love and joy never come to an end.

Special people have God’s heart. The Christmas spirit we all hope shines through us at least once per year shines through them every day. This Christmas, let us all decide to be the gift to them that they are to us.

The special heart beats to God’s own celestial drum. This Christmas and for every day after may it beat louder and prouder than ever before.

The Christmas season represents the birth and renewal of what is best in humankind, the spark of wondrous compassion, the ability to stand in the face of insurmountable odds, the pure love that dwells within the heart of a child. Special people are God’s way of reminding us of that during the rest of the year.

Some are short and some are tall, yet no one really has it all. This Christmas, I hope you see how very special you are to me.

Christmas abounds on tinsel topped trees, presents underneath sparkle shiny to see.
Christmas for you, my special one, dear, should be alive and well for all the long year.

On this day, long ago, a special child was born and the night sky lit up with a shining star.
On this Christmas day and every day after, I want you to know that you can go just as far.

For a special person, on this most special Christmas day, my wish is for you to always stay that way. Special is just another word for full of God’s perfect love.

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