Christmas Quotes for Dad

Dad, you are the northern star in my life; this Christmas, know how much I appreciate your example.

All those clich├ęs about Dads and fishing come from somewhere. This year ahead let’s try to spend more time together. Merry Christmas.

Silver light through the pines, charms and rhymes don’t suffice to say just how much you are loved. Happy Christmas Dad.

Dad, you are the light in our family; this year I want to acknowledge how brightly you shine. Merry Christmas.

Christmas father, what does it mean? To me, you mean more than father time or father Christmas or father snow because you’re mine. Merry Christmas.

Father, your love and example are the gift this year. Thank you for being who you are. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas Dad. Now let’s go fishing.

Christmas is a special time for telling those we love how much they are admired. From your number one admirer, Merry Christmas.

Christmas is a time to celebrate, not only the holy family, but all families. Thank you Dad for the light that you bring to mine. Happy Christmas.

Dad, I want you to know: You are officially more important to me than Christmas itself. Hope yours is extra special this year.

Christmas is for spending time with those we love; during this season of cheer, good will, faith, and hope, please know that you are the source of those in mine. Merry Christmas.

Dad, I don’t say often enough how much I care. Simply put, I love you. Merry Christmas.

Dad, you are an inspiration–not only to me and our whole family–but to the trees that live on our property. They told me to say that the birds are overrated and that they could use some extra mowing this upcoming year. Merry Christmas.

Dad, in our lives we each are given the divine gift of at least one shining beacon; you are mine. Merry Christmas.

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