Christmas Quotes for her

She is not one I know anything of except that she is not anything but the most important Her in all our lives. Merry Christmas to a Special Her.

Her is just one word, three tiny little letters long, but in my book it takes up a lot more room. To a Special Her: You are unforgettable. Merry Christmas.

To a Unique Her: Flowers and chocolates don’t compare and while I don’t blame it on your fabulous clothes or fabulous hair, you are incredibly special in my life. Merry Christmas.

To a Special Her: When I think of you, I recall all the grandeur of the canyon, all the quiet mystery of the newly unfurling fern, all the gentle song of the brook in late summer. Merry Christmas to someone truly unique.

The most special thing in my life is the Her who occupies the large space I call my heart. Merry Christmas.

To a Special Her: You put the word “special” in the category in the first place. Merry Christmas.

To a Special Her: Fabulous doesn’t begin to describe how special and amazing you are. Merry Christmas to a truly unique person.

What does it mean to be a Special Her? Someone who cares all the way down to her toes. Merry Christmas.

Next to the category “Special Her” in the gift catalog are items such as sweaters, sneakers, socks, and things made of leather or something practical like twine. Here’s to breaking the mold. Merry Christmas to a truly Special Her.

To a Special Her at Christmas: This time of year matches you; both are heaven. Merry Christmas.

Having a Special Her like you in my life is like this holiday: sheer joy. Merry Christmas.

To a Special Her: May the holidays this year be as special as you are all year long.

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