Christmas Quotes for Kids

Magic makes believers out of everyone, especially at Christmas.

Snowy climes and snowy miles, nowhere but in the soul of Christmas does it snow all the time.

Sometimes, when I’m listening enough with my heart, I can hear magic snowing down on the inside.

Christmas love is not about chocolate or roses; it’s about hot cocoa and marshmallows served after dinner.

The gift of the season is in the sheer magic: the night before Christmas, even the wind is awake with it.

If the time itself gave way, you could just give me Christmas, and on those dreams, I’d float home.

Christmas is about several things: magic, loving each other, gifts, and candles. In that order.

I could tell that you remembered how much I loved Christmas: the coloring books, toy Rudolph, and gingerbread cookies in mid-July were a dead giveaway.

If I could choose one magic thing to visit, you could keep the castles and the coral palaces: I’d just buy a ticket on the Polar Express.

I guess some kids enjoy the dancing sugar plums in their Christmas Eve dreams. Personally, I’ve never had the privilege of seeing them myself. I blame it on the dawdling candy canes.

Cloud-candy pink castle. Glass slipper. Silver horse-drawn carriage with white horse. Wrong time of year. Think old man and flying deer with special antlers. The only thing silver is the tinsel and wrapping paper. Merry Christmas.

Snowy climes and silly rhymes, a make-believe sense of time, when the old become young and the young walk the line: What time of year am I? Christmas time. Have a merry one.

My mother always wants to talk about the “meaning of Christmas.” All I want to do is make cookies. Cookies. Meaning. Cookies. Meaning. I wonder what grown up thought of that?

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