Christmas Quotes for loves ones

May your Christmas be peaceful and sprinkled with snow as powdery as the sugar on top of Santa’s cookies.

Christmas is not about the presents and the stressful rush but about the greatest gift of love given to mankind. So take some time this wonderful season to give gifts of love to your family.

Christmas presents are stressful to find for everyone on your list and some are even returned! Instead, give the gift of love this Christmas season: it’s heartfelt, priceless, and does not need a receipt.

Christmas comes but once a year; so don’t let these precious moments slip by without stopping to rejoice in the true reason for the season.

Celebrating Christmas is voluntary, but the Christmas spirit is catching; so, all the Grinch’s everywhere beware!

With time, most of us will lose the ability to hear the jingle of Christmas bells. But this is not a permanent state! Just remember the magic of Christmas and truly believe and the glorious jingle of the bells will return to you!

With the sound of Christmas carols and the ringing of the bells, may your Christmas Day be merry and your grumpiness dispels.

After all the toasts are said and the Christmas lights have been turned off; do not forget to remember that the Christmas blessings will still follow through the year!

Hope this Christmas season brings abounds of love and joy and laughter so plentiful that no great blizzard can alter!

Exactly at Midnight on this magical night; let the Christmas spirit in with a smile. It will bring with it peace, joy, and light that will carry you through to the next year!

May you spend this Christmas season surrounded by friends and loved ones with cheerful song and conversation; and may it make your life more cheerful with less worries and no frets!

On this best of holidays, accept this gift of Christmas joy. And don’t you worry, use it all! There’s plenty more for all to enjoy!

This Christmas season take some time to remember the small joys of the holiday: eat a candy cane, go ice-skating, and wait up for Santa with a plate of cookies until you fall asleep. It is these simple joys that keep us young at heart.

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