Christmas Quotes for my Family

Each year, under the tree we gather. No where else exists that I’d be rather.

My family: My heart, my soul, my Christmas spirit.

No matter how big we grow or how the years change us, Christmas will always bring us back together.

To me, Christmas is home.

Christmas is a time of true joy and happiness, and family is what those words mean to me.

Without family, Christmas would not be complete.

No matter how much the snow is falling or how much the wind is gusting, I’d travel across the great expanses of the country to be with my family on Christmas.

The greatest sight under the tree is a family gathered today.

From our family tree in the living room to the family tree of our lives, these intricate relationships have woven a fabric of love.

Sure, sometimes we fight, and sometimes we banter, but always under this tree we make peace and gather.

On the first Christmas, the birth of Christ, his family gathered, and today, we gather still to commemorate him and celebrate our own bonds as a family.

Christmas is a time of year when families gather far and near.

From the first signs of Christmas in late November to the twelve days of Christmas in January and December, family stays in my mind now and forever.

The hot chocolate is warm, and so is the fire; however, the warmest feelings all year come from the love that families share.

We may be a little looney at times, but without our eccentric qualities, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same.

A good old fashioned Christmas is what you’ll find in our house!

All of the presents in the world could not equal the love that my family shares.

I promise, I will always be home for Christmas.

Spending all of this time together with my family really makes me realize the true meaning of the Christmas season.

You are my family, now, always, forever and at every Christmas.

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