Christmas Quotes for my Sister

To my sister: The stars and moon were jealous the day you were born. Thank you for being the light in my eyes. Merry Christmas.

My sister seems, somehow, to make even the most ordinary day into an occasion. Merry Christmas.

To my sister at Christmas: You are part gossamer, part light, and part my life. Merry Christmas.

My sister knows me better than most people, which is why you are not being recommended as my escort to my company’s Christmas party. Merry Christmas anyway.

Special Christmas tidings to my sister whose bright presence competes with the cheerfulness of creatures like birds and elves. Merry Christmas darling.

My sister may be the one person who knows what color matches my soul. As such, she is being recommended as keeper of my heart. Merry Christmas to a special sister.

Sister, when did you learn how to read hearts for a living? Merry Christmas to one who always cares.

To my sister: There is something sinister about the fact that the word sister also sounds like spinster or swindler. Good thing that’s just a coincidence. Merry Christmas despite unintentional affiliations.

To my sister, roses, daffodils, starlight–all these can be trite. Sisters, however, are not. Merry Christmas.

Roses, dahlias, the heart’s delight–you can find yours in material items. I find mine in my sister. Merry Christmas soulmate.

Sisters are like records; you can never have too many. Merry Christmas to a particularly special one.

Merry Christmas starling.

To my sister, don’t go changing. Just go on the way you are. Merry Christmas to one who is perfect just the way she is.

To my sister, why keep looking outside for verification when you are so spectacular within? Merry Christmas sunshine.

To my sister, you are the beauty that is found within every dewdrop. Merry Christmas to one whose presence always seems surprisingly original and fresh.

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