Christmas Quotes for the Family far away

Time and space may separate us this year, but they could never separate our hearts or souls. Merry Christmas.

This year, I don’t yearn for home as much as I yearn for my family. Christmas greetings and wishes for warmth and hearth all year.

Merry Christmas across the divide of time: Though we remain apart this season, you are ever in my heart and thoughts.

Christmas is sometimes almost synonymous with family: what is the holiday without those we love? This year, though you aren’t here in person, I am with you in spirit. Merry Christmas.

Snow boughs and reindeers against the moon, Christmas holly and Christmas jolly to my family though we are apart this year. The merriest of Christmas.

Being away from home is hard, but having you away from me is what makes this year hard. Know how much you are loved this holiday season. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas from across the divide; the second best thing to being there with you this year is thinking of you being happy in the season of light. The happiest of Christmas wishes.

Christmas dears: Though we are not this year near we are forever held together in light, family, and prayer. Merry Christmas from here.

Christmas prayers and Christmas wishes are flying in on the silvery wings of the moon to bless you during my time away. The most blessed of Christmas and the season for you this year.

Christmas is a season during which we hold those we love more tightly in our heart, prayers, and lives. Though I feel the absence this year, I send all my love from here.

Christmas is not the same without hearing from those we treasure the most. This year, know how much you are held near in heart and prayer. Merry Christmas.

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