Christmas Quotes with Humor

Did you see Mama kissing Santa last year? Check it out this year. Merry Christmas

Don’t make that gift list too long. We’re still in a depression, you know. Happy Christmas!

Be sure to get your chimney swept before Christmas. Santa charges a cleaning fee this year.

Hope your Christmas bells are going to jingle jangle, tingle tangle and ringle rangle this year. Have a good one.

Santa’s coming to your town this Christmas – better get out the red carpet and start baking lots of cookies.

Remember those years when we used to really boogie and rock around the Christmas tree. Ah, what great memories, except the time we knocked the whole thing over? Have fun this Christmas!

No peeking! Santa won’t come until everyone’s in bed. You know that! Have a Merry Christmas

Enjoy your Christmas – but watch your ps and qs – pints and quarts, that is!

Christmas is your big chance of the year to get “lots of kisses.” Get that mistletoe hung up pronto!

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,
Just like the ones I used to know
With cars a slipping and metal clicking
And sirens sounding in the distance!

Twas the Night before Christmas – it’s 3:00 AM and I’m still assembling this xf# toy.

Your Christmas tree is all set up and beautifully decorated and the family is happily admiring it – what could come out of the tree? A flying squirrel, a sleepy bird, or a mouse!

Did you know that Santa is on a special diet? Be sure to leave gluten-free cookies for him on Christmas Eve.

Have some beer for Christmas cheer. Have some wine for a really good time. Have some nog and it’ll put you in a fog. Have some more beer and you’ll have nothing to fear.

May the “spirits” of Christmas keep you warm and cozy – like rum, vodka, whisky!

Keep grandma inside this year – the reindeer are especially frisky this Christmas.

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