Christmas Wishes about Giving

This Christmas sprinkle your gifts
With shimmers of golden reverence
And glitters of sparkling laughter
Decorate them with sequins studded
With your serenity and gentle care.
Pack them with kindness and
Soothing words of compassion
Don’t forget the gems of your benevolence for
Those are sure to increase the gift’s significance.
Bind it tightly with a pink ribbon
Of mirth, health and beauty
And no one else would be able to contest
Your gift of piety.

When I give a present to you
That you kindly accept
I feel myself the richest person of the world.
When you give me a gift
And I take it from you
I welcome a portion of you with your gift.
Our giving and receivings are acts of
Love, affection and gratitude
And often a kind look at each other suffices
What the entire world fails to achieve
In diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

My dear, take your picks
From the following gifts
And leave the rest for others:
A shawl that matches the colors
Of the wings of butterflies
A Paraiba ring that twinkles everytime
You shift your fingers.
Garlands of fragrant flowers
To dress your tresses
A mother of pearl brooch
To cling to your dresses
And reflect the throbbing of your heart.
Or do you think a book of ancient wisdom
Is far worthier than a
Bronze statue of Demeter?
If you wish I may send you
A bunch of pink roses
For you to press against your bosom
And feel their sweet caresses.
Don’t dither to take your pick, my dear
For I will make sure to pack every souvenir
With devotion, pure love and ardor.

Yesterday my friends sent me a collection of short stories that I always loved reading; my parents sent over a basket of fresh produce from their kitchen garden; today, my colleagues at office arranged for a special lunch; and the son of my neighbor presented me with a hand-drawn Christmas card; few minutes ago the doorbell rang and a gift was waiting to be received at my doorstep, it came bearing your name. This Christmas Eve, I feel rich for I feel loved.

A gift is an exchange of many things
Between the recipient and a giver
It is an exchange of gentle love, silent admiration
Unfathomably deep respect and fervor.
The act of giving is a novelty in itself
When supported by an invisible bond
That only a heart can form with another.
All the riches of the world may fail
If that invisible link eludes each other.
This Christmas don’t neglect
Packing your gifts with care
Less, you may miss some precious elements
That would bring even greater cheer.