Christmas Wishes about Health

The struggles of life can be overcome by only two things – the strength of your heart and the stoutness of your health. On this Christmas Eve, let me wish you a constitution strong enough to accept any blows and come out even stronger from it and a cheerful mind forever capable of beholding the rainbow on the horizon.

Take care of yourself, my dear
Never forget the walks
Early amid the fresh air;
Do not ignore the fresh fruits
That mother earth so kindly
Produces for us;
Spend some time in touch of nature,
The calmness of it tends
To permeate inside us;
Preserve the childlike wonder
That each one of us seem to neglect
In our later days;
Remember a rosy blush on the cheek
Is the best cosmetic that one may wear
Till the very last days of life.

The little red geranium of my garden is angry
She has started envying the rubicund cheeks of yours;
Few days ago the starry night was enquiring
What is the secret of the luster of your hair;
The waves of the river were slightly bemused
For it failed to reproduce the twinkle of your eyes
When the full moon did show up on the horizon;
The swans are also jealous of the way
Your beautiful neck receives all the loving attention.
The mother of pearl is sculpting her creation
In accordance to the sparkling teeth of yours.
And I wish my bloom all the health and happiness
Of this world to keep her blossom forever fresh and flawless.

We clamor for attention, we seek fame,
We look for every opportunity of monetary gain,
We buy luxury clothes and car, we look for authority and power,
Hardly anything can deter from our want of all these and more.
We coax the stars and pray to God and he smiles sitting in his abode
Since in our hurry to seek many things we tend to forget the core.
Many things can be earned and everything can be preserved
Only if the mind and body are kept prim and intact
To make our life’s journey a pleasant walk on the shore.

There is something worthier than an emerald bracelet
Or the silverware that are glittering on the sideboard.
There is something far more important than that
Peach tone clutch bag encrusted with diamonds.
The antique mahogany furniture of the bedroom and
That soft custard cream rug that covers the gallery
Are no match to these things: These are the
Sobriety of the mind and robustness of the body,
Compassion of a throbbing heart,
Accompanied by persistently meaningful activity.