Christmas Wishes about Love

Over the horizon the soft morning light of the sun is hugging the earth; outside my window two doves are busy in stroking beads of snow out of each other’s feathery cloak; in the porcelain pot on the table two blushing Cattleya cajoling with each other and in the bookshelf philosophers are busy in a heated discussion over the mysteries of love. Let us celebrate these holidays with the purest form of a gift to each other, love.

Over me is the vast sequined firmament
The starlets of the night sky
Are winking at naughtily!
The wind is blowing from the west
Playing with my hair and
Whispering affectionate words at my ear!
The gentle waves of the pitch dark water
Softly caressing my fingers
Each touch sends an electric sensation in my body.
When all the earthly elements are in passionate embrace
Let us not step back from that joyful world of
Of love, tenderness and compassion!

We are all children of God
And a common thread binds us all
As early as you recognize this truth
You will resist many temptations and fall.
This invisible fiber that connects
One person to the other
Needs much caring and preservation
If we need this world to evolve further.
Let us then rise and work
To achieve a common goal
With gentle love as our instrument
And compassion for all.

My heart has many things to tell you
And plans to chat with you all day long
It pours in my ears from morning to night
The ideas, plans, stories and conjectures
That it has thought of sharing with you.
It harasses me in my sleep,
Heckles me when I am awake.
It even threatened me with my life
If I fail to introduce it to you.
Please take away my heart from me
I cannot bear its company anymore!

Thousands of years ago Mars felt it
And Aphrodite surrendered to it,
Hathor experienced it so did Turan
When Adonis melted her heart with it,
Inanna could not escape it neither did Ziva.
Kama and Rati sang ode to it
As did Freyr and Freyja.
Later day philosophers pondered over it
But poets went on with the flow
What a gift of love means
Only the giver and the receiver know.

My windowsill garden is in full bloom
The graceful pansies dressed in all possible colors
Are waiting for you to behold them.
Every time I touch them they seem to
Blush and quiver a bit with my stroke
Just like you do when I sweep the locks away
From your forehead.
Their slender stems mimic your silhouette
And the broad leaves the expanse of your kind heart.
In the morning, the dew drenched flowers resemble
Those ruby red lips of yours
And in the night they bow their head in unison
Uttering that immortal word of love.