Christmas Wishes for a Secretary

I may not say it enough, but this Christmas, let me tell you how much I appreciate all that you do.

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers this Christmas season.

You and I? Well, we make a great team! I truly hope that your Christmas is a dream!

Your family is very lucky to have you during this Christmas season.

Five days a week, you run to and fro; I hope that it’s off to a very merry Christmas that you go!

Filing, checking, banking and more, I really hope that your Christmas is not a snore!

You are the reason this company runs efficiently day-to-day. A very merry Christmas to you wish I may.

You have helped to fulfill the dreams of this company; I hope your own dreams come true on this Christmas Day.

Christmas is a time to thank those who mean the world to us. Because of that, I must say thank you to you.

Without you, this office would crumble. Without you, my Christmas season would be a grumble!

You are the source of life and energy in this office. For that, I am so very grateful this Christmas season.

You bring the Christmas magic to the office; no doubt about that exists!

I hope that Santa brings you every last Christmas gift that you want this year; you truly deserve it.

All of your hard work and dedication is more than clear; I hope you have an amazing Christmas each and every year!

God bless the hard work you do during this Christmas season and all year ’round.

Christmas is a time to think of those who give so much for others. Truly, you are one of those most noble beings.

Thank you for making our office a most wonderful place to work. Know that I will be thinking of you on this Christmas Day.

Your spirit and energy shine through in each and every way. God bless and have a beyond merry Christmas Day!

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