Christmas Wishes for a sick Friend

At Christmas, everyone is healthy in his heart. That’s all that’s important.

Christmas wishes to a sick friend. To me, you couldn’t be healthier.

I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas! That’ll make you well!

It doesn’t matter that you’ve been sick. At Christmas, everyone’s healthy!

When my buddy’s sick, I’m sick. Merry Christmas! Now we’re both healthy!

Whether you’re poor
Or whether you’re wealthy
Merry Christmas
Makes you healthy.

Merry Christmas to an ailing friend! Get well by New Year’s!

Sorry that you’ve been sick! You can still have a Merry Christmas – because I’m thinking of you.

Have a Merry Christmas! Nothing could be better to get you well!

A happy Christmas is the best medicine.

Don’t forget – at Christmas we’re healthy in our hearts.

Been in the hospital? Everyone is visiting when we send you Christmas wishes.

Who needs a doctor when you have Santa Clause? Get well soon!

Have a holy Christmas. Jesus was born to make us healthy in spirit.

Have a healthy spirit at Christmas! The body will soon follow!

Christmas is hale and hearty – even if the body isn’t!

All your friends are wishing you a Merry Christmas! We couldn’t all fit in your hospital room even if we tried!

I know you’ll have a Marry Christmas! No sickness could keep you down!

You don’t need a doctor – you need a Merry Christmas! I hope you have one!

Have a Merry Christmas! Doctor’s orders!

Christmas Day is the best nurse.

When we’re asleep on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus sneaks into the sick room.

Sick at Christmas? Never mind! Santa Claus will leave you presents anyway!

The Christmas presents
Under the tree
Will make you as well
As a person can be!

When we’re sick
The Christmas holly
Does the trick
To make us jolly!

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